Scoring 2020

Welcome, to the 2020 Oregon XC Series!  

Please note a new website is coming soon for 2020!



This is the latest info on the largest series in the NW with over 1000 competitors.


Scoring: Lowest points win for individuals!

2019 Results

In order to create healthy competition please ask your local bike shop for support and to be engaged in racing for all levels! It’s Easy! It’s Fun and with the best 5 events a great time for all.


Bring your Official OBRA team to the races with your top three riders scoring Team Points and counting towards the overall championship. In addition, riders are now encouraged to start new teams and with our Series Sponsor Pactimo, it is easy with a minimum order of 5 jerseys anyone can get started as long as you start to plan this Winter! Plenty of Breweries to sponsor also so get on it!

Need an OBRA license? HERE  or to register your team so on OBRA your Team Name will show at 

Make sure you spell your Team Name exactly as your team is listing it and have the Captain e-mail me as well!


See for racing rules

You must participate in a minimum of 5 races to score for the overall in each of the 29 categories. We added Cat 3 60+ for 2020 and Singlespeed Women

The OBRA Junior MTB Series will be the same events and with series leader jerseys and final special awards handed out at the Sisters Stampede


Please check your Team Spellings and send me your Team Captain’s Name and E-mail to make sure we capture all rider

Make sure to register your team captain and have a Team Captain check your points weekly on every Wednesday as results become final for series scoring. 


  • Best 5 races count for individual out of 7 events
  • Toss out low series scores to leave the best 5 results
  • Only racers completing 5 races will be scored for the overall series and awards a jersey
  • Lowest points win the series points from individual scoring
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ect for all categories
  • Points will not carry up to the next ability level.  If you upgrade or are forced to upgrade prior to Chainbreaker your points will stay in that category. You must upgrade from the previous year if you have won the previous years championship except for riders not meeting the OBRA upgrade rule.
  • All riders with 5 results or more will be tracked for the series final placings with riders finishing. 5 points would win the series with the final series race deciding any ties
  • OBRA RULES 5 top 3’s in a 12 month period in a full field (10 for women and 15 for men). You can Finish the series in your current Category, but need to upgrade the next year unless you are in Cat 2 Sport 50-59, 60+ Men or Cat 2 40-49 or 50-59 Women where you can stay in place and race against your peers.
  • Remember no upgrades past Cat 2 for Men 50+ or Women 40+ they can move up if they want, but can stay racing Masters as long as they want.
  • LINK to annual Membership with OBRA 35.00 for adults and 10.00 for Juniors for an entire year of racing any discipline. Sign up January/February so you get your license in plenty of time.


All Champions  for the Oregon XC Series and OBRA Junior Series  must have raced at least 5 times including Juniors in the Oregon XC Series  presented by Rivercity Bicycles to receive Champion jerseys provided by Pactimo