This is the latest info on the largest series in the NW with over 2500 competitors out for glory or a good time on the trails!

Best 5 of 9 will count towards the individual overall (Team Competition is top 4 riders at every event that start an event)

Corvallis Cyclery is our current champion from 2015 and will be tough to beat in 2016!

Check out the Results page for current results!


Scoring: Yes this is new, and equals the same or very similar outcome without causing my scoring person to go insane…sorry for the change, easier to understand. Lowest points win! 


  • Best 5 of 9 Count for individual and all events count for the Best Team Competition. (All riders must have a Team Kit on)
  • Toss out low series scores to leave the best 5 results
  • Lowest points win the seriesPoints from individual scoring carry over to the Team Competition (Best 5 Team Results)
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ect for all categories except Cat 3(Novice) 50% additional points 1.5,3,4.5,6 ect
  • When upgrading you can take 50% of your points if you upgrade within the first 3 events through the Coast Hills Classic (Who knows you may be faster than you think)
  • All riders with 4 results or more will be tracked for the series final placings with riders finishing 5 or more placed above those racing 4 times. 5 points would win the series with the final series race deciding any ties
  • We will not force you to upgrade after Race #6 Sisters Stampede has completed to allow you to go for the Champion Jersey (5 top 3’s in a full field 15 for men and 10 for women)
  • Make sure to have a Team Captain check your points weekly on every Wednesday as results become final for series scoring. All scoring and results are final per the series by July 2nd 2016
  • Please check your Team Spellings and send me your Team Captain’s Name and E-mail to make sure we capture all riders
  • OBRA RULES 5 top 3’s in the Calendar year in a full field (10 for women and 15 for men). You can Finish the series in your current Category, but need to upgrade the next year unless you are in Cat 2 Sport 50-59, 60+ Men or Cat 2 40-49 or 50-59 Women where you can stay in place and race against youre peers.
  • All Riders must be OBRA Annual members to participate in the Series. LINK to annual Membership with OBRA 30.00 for adults and 10.00 for Juniors for an entire year of racing any discipline.

All Champions and top 3 of each must have raced at least 5 times including Juniors in the 10 race Oregon Off Road series to receive Champion jerseys.




Thanks to Primal Wear for this amazing Support!

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Jerseys will be mailed post series in September/October so make sure I get your size before or at the Final Alsea Falls XC race






Check out one of the great ways Primal Gives back to the Community

IMBA Promo Video from Primal Wear on Vimeo.