2016 Oregon Off Road Series Dates 







Best 5 of ? and the Finals  decides any ties (we may be adding some new races)

6 races have found their position. Series schedule released early October

  1. Mudslinger – April 9th*
  2. Bear Springs Trap- May 1st
  3. Cascade Chainbreaker – May 8th*
  4. Coast Hills Classic – May 14th*
  5. Spring Thaw XC May 21st
  6. Sisters Stampede – Sunday May 29, 2016*
  7. Return on the Jedi – tbd
  8. Picketts Charge – tbd
  9. Alsea Falls Switchback July 2nd

Not part of the Series and a most amazing trail system

* Junior MTB Series Events



OBRA one day or annual licenses required and available at each event







Thanks for the continued support for over 10 years!









Good times ahead as  we travel the state in search of single track and victory or just to have a great time on your bike!

Each race has a distinct type of dirt, rocky, sandy, muddy, big downhills and plenty of climbing to take in from April until the end of June. Registration is available by clicking the name of the event if the race is set up and ready for your participation.






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Race # 1  28th Mudslinger 4/9/16 presented by Peak Sports










Since 1987 the Mudslinger has been a fixture in mtb racing and the Corvallis Community and the Northwest. Started by a local group of mountain bikers (Randy Pratt was the official ring leader) and cyclists, this event started out small with only the first person to cross the line to mark times down for the rest of the 20 or so people competing in 1987. I moved to Corvallis in 1990 and in 1991 co-produced the Mudslinger with Randy Pratt until I moved to Bend in 1996 when Jim Fisher took over the Mudslinger. When moving back to the area in 1998 I waited, and after the mudslinger did not happen in 2000, I moved this event to Blodgett the following year to keep the Mudslinger tradition alive.

Reports have it that a brand new course is being developed for the long course in 2016!


more info at



Race #2 Bear Springs Trap  5/1/16 ST the day prior

Some decades ago Paul Thomasberg Jim Thornton and Petr Kakes designed a course that made racers cry after 50+ miles. Paul’s computer was miscalibrated by 40% and the first year PRO winner was out there for 4 1/2 hrs. The once who didn’t cry got lost . Actually they may have cried too- we just don’t know it.
OK let’s get serious. BST has lot to offer but the name Trap was used for a reason. The Bear Springs area has it’s beauty,  you just need to look at it instead of the wheel in front of you. Since we use portions of the OHV area we do have lot of intersections to deal with. Once you get of the moto trails the challenge will start. The race is known for it’s difficulty as well as for snow on the course whenever mother nature decides to send it in late March and April. As usually Petr and his crew will be there on time to remove the cyclocross sections of the course and welcome you at the finish with the Pilsner Urquell. Dont forget about the Short Track the day prior
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Newport is reviving the old “Mountain Bike Festival” atmosphere with a great race, food, beer, kids races, vendors, music, tons of raffle prizes, and a big cash purse.

We have an awesome course designed with gorgeous ocean views, meadows, great single track, killer climbs, forest canopies, fast downhills, and cool ocean breezes!This event is brought to life by a public-private partnership in the true spirit of community. Bike Newport, the Newport News-times and other local volunteers are volunteering alongside staff from the Newport Parks and Recreation Department to breath new life into this old race, formerly known as the Ben Eder Memorial.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the youth programs scholarship fund at the Newport Recreation Center. Which allows children from economically disadvantaged households the opportunity to participate in a number of fantastic programs. Facebook

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Race #4 Cascade Chainbreaker

presented by the Bend Endurance Academy 5/8/16

This is the 17th annual Cascade Chainbreaker presented by the Bend Endurance academy and WebCyclery.

Come ride some of Central Oregon’s best singletrack in the Skyline Forest. The course, designed by local cycling legend and Tour de France veteran Marcel Russenberger, is fast and flowy, but always challenging. Be prepared to pedal because there is no resting on this course. Lots of great singletrack with plenty of doubletrack and dirt road to allow for passing.




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Awards presentation and post-race party and raffle  TBD

Race #5 Spring Thaw XC 5/21/16

The Spring Thaw Mountain Bike Festival is in it’s 22nd year! It is one of the biggest and longest standing mountain bike events in Oregon’s rich history of racing. It features a Cross Country Race on Saturday that utilizes some of the finest single track in Southern  Oregon with over 4,000′ of climbing and Descending. Racers will be tested on not only there fitness but there skill on a Mountain bike as well. Sundays Downhill continues to grow with racers coming from Washington, California, Arizona and all over the state of Oregon. This year it will see some new changes. The Downhill will get 2 stages instead of 1 with the addition of a race run on BTI, a very popular trail that is at the end of the Cross Country race and near the venue. We are also putting points on all 3 of the stages, XC and the 2 DH stages and crowning an “All Mountain” Champion for both the Men and Women. (You must compete on the same Bike!)
This race is proudly part of the Oregon XC series

New Course for 2014

Cat 2 Spring Thaw 2014 Cat 1 Spring thaw

Race #6 Sisters Stampede 5/29/16 (Registration capped at 500 riders) Last year they turned down 100 riders…please sign up early!

The Sisters Stampede started in 2010 after a revised trail system in Sisters, Oregon called the Peterson Ridge trail. Through cooperation with the US Forest service, the Sisters Trail Alliance created a trail system which caters to all types of trail use including Mountain biking, running, hiking, and equestrian (separate trails).
With approval and cooperation from the US Forest service, the Sisters Stampede was then created to showcase the great trail system in Sisters, and create awareness of how cycling can change the way small towns look at tourism and recreation in Oregon.
A race that begins just steps from Thee Creeks Brewing and Five Pine lodge was just the ticket to get things started.. Throw it on Memorial day Weekend, and its a blast!
After a unique race started out by a cowboy on horseback, the Sisters Stampede takes riders through a forest covered in Pine, Lava, and sunshine. Beginning with a few miles of double track road is key to stretching out the large fields of riders who have come to be a part of this event. Riders can enjoy two distances depending on skill, and endurance levels (12 miles, or 27 miles). After finishing the race, riders can recover with  food, music, and Three Creeks beer while watching the kids ride obstacles, and participate in their own race.
Register early! Only 500 allowed this year..
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Race #7 Return on the Jedi XC Saturday 

This is a great weekend to come out and bring the family and camp. There is great camping, great racing all weekend and food right on sight and many other fun things to do.
Saturday morning will be the Short Track. The short track is on a very fun single track that you will LOVE. It is one of the best short track courses in the state.  (Mudslinger Events agree’s!)
Saturday after noon will be the Mountain bike time trial. We will be racing this on the world famous Jedi trail. Everyone loves riding the Jedi trail. There will be a nice bonus to any one who beats the record down the Jedi trail.
All of the action starts at 11am for the ST and 4pm for the TT so this allows you to get to the event in plenty of time.
Sunday is the XC race and series event starting at 11am. The Elite and Expert ( cat 1 ) course is one of the funnest epic rides you will do. The Sport (cat 2) course is another great course with a nice climb with a great single track reward. The Novice (cat 3)course is a great course to bring a new racer out for. They will love it.
Sunday is also the kids race. They will get to enjoy some of the same single track you got to ride.
All weekend Blazing saddles will be selling Great food. So you can go camping and not even worry about bring food. Blazing saddles will also host movie night on Saturday night and there famous 4 way volleyball game (I think thats what it is called) that you and your kids will love.



Race #8 Pickett’s Charge   

I hope all of you can look at this as an opportunity, as the Forest Service looks at Saturdays being counted as first weekends so this makes the 7th the first Saturday in June and pushes Picketts to this new date.

Picketts charge started in 1994 as a dual race, part road race and part mountain bike race. It was located out of Meissner Snow Park. It is named for one of Oregon’s Mtn bike pioneers Tom Pickett. Tom introduced me to mountain bike racing in the early 80s. He went to the first US Nationals in Santa Barbara, Ca where a certain Steve Tilford won. 
It was only a dual race for one year. We stayed at Meissner for a few years. It was Mary McConneloug’s first mountain bike race, before her two Olympic visits. We were at Phil’s trail for a few years before we moved to Wanoga and the Steve Larsen trail. 
Our goal is to have the funnest course with the most single track and in 2014 the course will change again…stay tuned!
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Alsea Falls Switchback   Moved out of the series and will be a stand alone State Champs series finals 7/2/16





* Best 5   races count , so start early and keep the pace, this year like last your top 4 riders count towards the overall Team Competition

**Final race decides all ties. Must race at least 5 events to be scored for the series and or to receive a Custom Primal Jersey post series