2016 Race Results


 2016 Results

Thanks to Primal Wear for the support and great jerseys!

4 free entries to each race in 2017 for the best Team Corvallis Cyclery Racing!

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Only Teams and Individuals that have a minimum of 4 individual or 4 Team results will be placed for the overall, best 5 of 9 results count.

RESULTS Below. I will be ordering Primal Wear Champion Jerseys and mailing you them in the next 8-10 weeks after they our produced. If you wrapped up the series and did not attend Alsea Falls we need youre jersey size in mens or womens by 7/8 to place the order with youre address

Congrats to all who took the title and the jersey!

Rivercity Bicycles Oregon Off road series Final Results 16

OBRA Junior MTB Series 16

RCB off road series results 2016_Picketts – Overall Team After Picketts

RCB off road series results 2016 after Picketts Charge


RCB off road series results 2016_SistersStampede – Overall Team After Stampede

RCB off road series results 2016_SistersStampede – Stampede Results Teams

RCB off road series results 2016_SistersStampede – Stampede Results

RCB off road series results 2016_SistersStampede – Individual Series Points New points After Stampede

RCB Series Team results after coast hills 

RCB Individual after Coast Hills Classic

Team Coast Hills Classic


Coast Hills Classic Results 16 


RCB Individual Points after Chain-breaker

Mudslinger Results 16

Mudslinger Team Results 16

Corvallis Cyclery controls its home turf! Facebook

Bear Springs Trap results

Bear Springs Team Results

Corvallis Cyclery with its Second Team WIN! Facebook

Chainbreaker Results 16

Chain breaker Team Results

(Hutch’s/Bend Dental Takes the Win!) Big moves by all teams chasing Corvallis Cyclery

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OBRA Junior Series results 2016

Event Links

Race #1 Mudslinger April 9th


Race #3 Chainbreaker May 7 In Bend


Race #4 and Finals Sisters Stampede May 29th


Race #5 Series Finals at Washougal “Race for the Future” June 18th





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Ordered after the Final race and delivered in September! When results are final you have 1 week to place your order and thanks to all!

If you have a Question or something is missing from the results/scoring please e-mail

Team captains please check the results by every Wednesday evening leading into the next Series event.

2015 Rivercity Bicycles Oregon off road series results