Junior Racing

Junior Racing: It’s Easy to Get Started!

By default, the regular Juniors age 10 – 18 are run on the shorter beginner-friendly course at each event. This encourages juniors to try mountain bike racing and most riders finish between 60 – 90 minutes. New junior racers are encouraged to try a local race in their area and introduce themselves to the other riders at the start line. Get connected, get involved and have fun racing bikes!

2015 OBRA Junior Team Champions Bend Endurance Academy

The Oregon Off Road Series has 8 events with junior categories; within that, we have identified 4 races as part of a condensed “Junior Mountain Bike Series” to make it easy for teams, parents and riders to select the best events for their young racers.
Junior Categories:
New for 2015, now faster experienced juniors who desire a bigger challenge on a longer course can apply for an upgrade into the “Junior Expert” category. These Junior Expert waves will usually be run in with the adult sport categories, but check staging for each event for confirmation. Race times will vary and may be over 2 hours at some events so this is for advanced and prepared riders only. See the form below or click here to request your upgrade.

All events in the Oregon Off-road Series and Junior MTB Series will have the following Junior categories:

  • Junior Men 10-13 (Beginner Course)
  • Junior Men 14-18 (Beginner Course)
  • Junior Expert Men 14-18 (Sport Course)
  • Junior Women 10-13 (Beginner Course)
  • Junior Women 14-18 (Beginner Course)
  • Junior Expert Women 14-18 (Sport Course)










2015 Junior MTB Series INDV and TEAM Final



Resources to Junior Programs

Bend, Oregon/Central Oregon




2016 Junior Mountain Bike Series

The Junior Mountain Bike Series is a sub-set of the Oregon Off Road Series designed to encourage junior riders and their teams to participate in several key events over the course of the season. 
If everyone makes an effort to participate at these events we hope to see larger fields, new riders trying the sport and more competitive racing for podium spots.
The four races for 2016 are:
  • Mudslinger 4/2
  • Coast Hills 5/14
  • Chainbreaker 5/8
  • Sisters Stampede 5/29
  • Best 3 out of 4 races count toward series points for individual and Team Scoring
  • Team Scoring is the top 4 riders at each event in the OBRA JMS Series Winner Jersey”
  • At the end of the series, winners of each Junior category will receive a “OBRA JMS Series Winner Jersey” along with other prizes and raffle items


Scoring details for 2016 (Subject to change) 

  • 100,90,80,70,60,50,40,30,25,20,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
  • Straight points for the Junior Categories listed above (No Bonus points)
  • Please Note Junior Experts 14-18 will score 1 point per rider you beat
  • Rider A is 3rd out of 10 riders and receives 80 points and 7 bonus points for the 7 people he or she beat in Expert Junior
  • Points from individual scoring carry over to the Team Competition
  • Make sure to have a Team Captain check your points weekly on every Wednesday as results become final for series scoring. All scoring and results are final per the series by Mid week each week.
  • Upgrades after approval will allow you to carry 50% of your point with you at anytime. Your vacated points will be left in the previous category.

SERIES Standings

Coming after Mudslinger on 4/2


Juniors at Oregon Off Road Series Events

Don’t stop with just the Junior Mountain Bike Series — all eight races in the Oregon Off Road Series have junior categories.


  • Race awards each of the 8 events same points
  • Best 5 results count towards series points out of 8 events
  • Series winners in each Junior Category will receive a beautiful jersey from Primal Wear

Junior Expert Upgrade Request

By default, juniors should race on the short course in their appropriate junior age category because mountain biking can be very challenging for young riders and we want to ensure that their race experience is enjoyable.

Junior riders cannot “race up” into an older junior age-group, but they may request an upgrade into “Junior Expert” once they have met these requirements:

  • Age 14 – 18 by the end of the current year and:
  • Previous Off Road Series or Junior Mountain Bike Series Winner or
  • Three podiums in mountain bike races within previous 12 months.
  • Must consent to racing with adults on challenging courses with long distances and race times of over 2 hours.

Some very exceptional juniors may race Elite once they have received their USAC Cat1/Pro license or once they have dominated the Junior Expert class. We are not holding riders back from upgrading as needed, but we want to ensure riders progress through the appropriate category levels for their safety on course.

If you have met these requirements, please fill out this form at least 1 week prior to your event:

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.54.01 AM

Base mock up for 2015, thanks Primal Wear!








Junior MTB Series (Smaller series inside of the Oregon Off-Road Series)



Please fill out this form if you want an upgrade to Junior Expert Men or Women for 14 years and older. This form will go to OBRA, Bill from the Bend Endurance Academy and Mike

Some extra details


The OBRA State championship will include 2 year age break downs for OBRA State Championships and start at 9am for the OBRA Junior State Championships on August 8th. This will encompass all Juniors in the State, both Novice or advanced Juniors. Most will finish this course by 10:30am and be able if willing to race the Sport (Cat 2) open OBRA State Championship and or Expert (Cat 1) OBRA State Championship if they choose starting at 11am






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