Junior Racing

2015 promises to be a great year with OBRA and the 2015 Junior racing. Want to get involved?

Some initial details on the Junior category and the Oregon Off-Road series and Junior MTB Series

All events in the Oregon Off-road Series and Junior MTB Series will have Junior categories as 10-13 and 14-18 for Men and Women on the short course for the 8 race Oregon Off Road Series.

Faster Juniors that would typically race Sport (cat 2) in 2014 by racing up can race now challenge themselves and race against there peers in the Expert Junior category staged with the Sport 19-39 year old Men on the start line. Check staging per event for conformation.

The Junior specific Series  (4 Races with your best 3 counting) Mudslinger, Coast Hills, Sisters Stampede and Picketts Charge

  • Age groups 10-13, 14-18 Junior Men and Women and Expert Junior Men and Expert Junior Women (6 total categories)

Oregon Off-Road Series Junior awards

Race the Series (8 races) and the best 5 count towards one of these beautiful jerseys from Primal Wear. (below)

The same categories for both the Oregon Off-road series (8 events) and the Junior MTB series have the same categories. The Junior MTB series is just a smaller version for those parents that just cant make that many races.

All abilities are welcome, baggy shorts, lycra or in between!

Please Pay Attention to this. 

Race awards per event in the Oregon Off Road Series will be limited to

10-13 and 14-18 Novice (Cat 3) men and women and Expert Junior Men and women*

*The Expert Junior category is not self-selected (Expert Junior).

All riders must request your upgrade from Mike Ripley mike@mudslingerevents.com 1 week prior to registering. A simple race resume with at least 3 wins from the previous year or previous year champion will be allowed to race in the Expert Junior category. Please know that the 20 mile courses are tough and require a good amount of training and independence while on course. We at the Oregon Off-road series do not want to limit your options but to only guide you to the best experience possible. Also the minimum age to race Expert Junior will be 14 years of age for 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.54.01 AM

Base mock up for 2015, thanks Primal Wear!








Junior MTB Series (Smaller series inside of the Oregon Off-Road Series)

New logo coming

The Junior MTB Series (Separate but inclusive within 4 of the Oregon Off-Road Series ) will feature 4 events and the best 3 of 4 races for overall points culminating at the Sisters Stampede on Sunday May 24th.

All of the events in the Junior MTB Series will have most kids on course for 1 hr to an hr and a half for the 10-13 and 14-18 short course.

The Expert Junior category will take 2 hrs plus or minus for most riders.

*This is necessary to not overwhelm the riders and also for them to work on both speed and technique as they become more confident racers.
  • Age groups are the same 10-13, and 14-18 for Men and Women on the short course the same as the Oregon Off-Road Series
  • Expert Junior Men and Expert Junior requires an upgrade or e-mail to mike@mudslingerevents.com
  • Best 3 of 4 events in the Junior MTB Series
  • Unique plates and sequence for all Junior MTB Series racers can be picked up at Mudslinger or any Junior MTB Series event
  • Podiums at each event and Final series awards at Sisters Stampede


Some extra details


The OBRA State championship will include 2 year age break downs for OBRA State Championships and start at 9am for the OBRA Junior State Championships on August 8th. This will encompass all Juniors in the State, both Novice or advanced Juniors. Most will finish this course by 10:30am and be able if willing to race the Sport (Cat 2) open OBRA State Championship and or Expert (Cat 1) OBRA State Championship if they choose starting at 11am

Tentative Schedule Junior MTB Series 2015

Mudslinger 4/12  11 miles

Coast Hills Classic 5/3 10 miles

Chainbreaker 5/9 10 miles

Sisters Stampede 5/24 Junior MTB Series Finals 12 miles



Alsea Falls 8/8  OBRA State Champs and MTB Festival


More to come